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What is TVP ?

The Technology Voucher Programme is an SME funding program of the Innovation and Technology Commission. It aims to support local SMEs to improve productivity and competitiveness, or upgrade or transform their business processes using technological solutions.

Funding applications are accepted all year round

Each entity enterprise may apply for up to 6 projects

Cumulative funding ceiling per enterprise: HKD600,000

TVP Consultant

Let's Upgrade & Transform Business Process

Last year, we help over 20 customers to apply TVP successfully.

Over 20
Successful Cases in Past Year
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We will analyze your business in detail to provide IT Solutions advice and fully assist your company in TVP application.

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We will help you to write the business plan and prepare documents that ensure your eligibility.

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We will follow up on the application throughout the process to help you get government funding easily.

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Let's Upgrade & Transform Business Process

Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)

Frequently Asked Questions

To be eligible for the Technology Voucher Programme, your company must be registered or incorporated and registered in Hong Kong with a substantive business operation in Hong Kong that is related to the project under application. Government subvented bodies (including their subsidiaries) and listed companies are not eligible for TVP.

  • Funding amount can up to 75% of the approved total project cost.
  • Maximum number of approved projects per enterprise: 6
  • Cumulative funding ceiling per enterprise: HKD600,000
  • Copy of Form 1(a)/1(c) of the Business Registration Office or Annual Return of the Companies Registries
  • Evidence of business operation in Hong Kong (within three months of submission)
  • Copy of Hong Kong Identity Card or Passport of the signatory
  • Copy(ies) of signed probity and non-collusive quotation tendering certificate(s)
  • Copy(ies) of quotation(s) submitted by the bidder(s)
  • You may be required to submit other relevant documents under some circumstances.

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