Teaching Content Distribution Systems


Digital Solution for Intellectual Property Protection


Digital Solution for Intellectual Property Protection

We has developed a system allowing schools and education centers to protect their intellectual property while conducting a teaching session in all locations around the globe without downloading the files to minimize the risk of data leakage.



Quickly access to daily common functions



Quickly find out all matching materials



Ensure only accredited teachers can access the material



Strengthen the protection through time restriction

How its work

Assign Materials & Approve Materials Requests

Accounts Management

- Create, modify, deactivate or perform any necessary actions to teachers’ accounts.

Materials Management

- Upload, archive or remove the materials to the Media Library.
- Set a specific timeframe (hour/ day/ week/ month) on the access of materials for teacher’s usage.

Materials Distribution

- Directly assign teaching materials to the corresponding teacher accounts.

Materials Request Approval

- Receive materials requests from teachers and make adequate actions accordingly (approved/ rejected/ others).

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Supported File Formats

Any documentations, audio and video tapes or images are secured on our platform with user authorisation limitation and full functioning files without needing to download them. Plug-in players are built in on our platform to ensure the quality of teaching!


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